Mindfulness and Relaxation Bedtime Hypnosis

I hope you enjoy this free 33-minute hypnosis session for mindfulness and relaxation. This has been created for you to listen to as you are drifting off to sleep for maximum benefit. NamasteJanine

What to do when you are struggling with cravings

Clients who have quit smoking but are still struggling with the cravings, even years after quitting. The cravings and old habits of smoking are an exhausting, daily battle to overcome. The reason why people still struggle with cravings is that the underlying issues behind the smoking haven’t been addressed. This is the same with overeatingContinue reading “What to do when you are struggling with cravings”

What to do when anxiety stops you from leaving the house

With all that’s been happening in the world in the past few months, it’s been of no surprise in the rise of clients coming in for anxiety-related issues. With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s so easy for us to move into survival mode and become attached to places, people, objects and environments thatContinue reading “What to do when anxiety stops you from leaving the house”

How stress impacts your gut health

There is a deep connection between the gut and the brain known as the brain-gut-axis that is quite complex and includes the vagus nerve, neural, endocrine, immune, and humoral links. The brain has a direct impact on the stomach and the intestines. Just thinking about eating can make your mouth water and can cause aContinue reading “How stress impacts your gut health”

Rumination and Stress

Everyone is coping differently with the current situation we are facing globally at the moment. Some people are using it as motivation. Others are using it as a time to relax and recover, or to connect within and some to pig out and eat what they want! For some people, this lock-down will cause aContinue reading “Rumination and Stress”