What to do when you are struggling with cravings

Clients who have quit smoking but are still struggling with the cravings, even years after quitting. The cravings and old habits of smoking are an exhausting, daily battle to overcome.

The reason why people still struggle with cravings is that the underlying issues behind the smoking haven’t been addressed. This is the same with overeating and many other addictive behaviours. It is also the reason why some smokers gain weight after quitting. They haven’t dealt with the core issue of why they smoke which is often a safety behaviour to flight, or avoid a situation. When this isn’t resolved, the body will find another distraction like overeating or even manifesting an illness to get out of and avoid what is perceived to be a negative situation.
CBT is a great method to help heal the core issues around stress and anxiety, however, when combined with hypnotherapy, results are a lot quicker, (and more enjoyable in my opinion!)

If you are still struggling with cravings, it’s best to see a professional because they deal with this sort of issue on a daily basis, and can give you all the tools you need to quickly resolve the issue. You’ve done the hard work of quitting, so now cross the finish line and heal those core issues to really feel the achievement of quitting cigarettes for good!

If this resonates with you or anyone you know who is still struggling with addiction, please reach out.

Janine xx

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4 thoughts on “What to do when you are struggling with cravings

  1. I quit smoking over a year ago because of an inner ear infection which caused dizziness and nausea. The idea of smoking seemed gross at the time because I felt sick 24/7 for months. The illness subsided and the cravings came, I ended up starting again and although I keep quiting, the cravings never stop and I always end up smoking again. I wish there was a substitute but there really isn’t, nothing is as good as a cigarette. Anyway thanks for your post, maybe the next time I quit I’ll try and get some help with it instead of doing it alone.

    1. I understand that completely. It’s quite common to get sick, not smoke and then smoke again when you are able to. You’re definitely not alone and when you are ready, having the support of a good therapist will ensure that you succeed and overcome those cravings. Much love and happiness to you, Janine xx

      1. Thank you so much 🙂 it’s true, I’ve known people with asthma who smoke and then keep quitting because it’s affecting their asthma. It’s crazy how strong the addiction is.

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