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How does hypnotherapy work?

To be mindful, is to be fully aware of your personal experience and know the inner workings of your mind.

How does hypnotherapy work?
How does hypnotherapy work?

Here you will find a range of articles that will help you discover how hypnotherapy and EMDR work.

The Devastating Consequences of Ignoring Childhood Trauma and its Impact on Physical Health and Well-Being

Childhood trauma can have a wide range of long-term devastating effects on physical health, depending on the type and severity of the trauma experienced.  How does childhood trauma affect your health? There have been multiple studies conducted on the long-term effects of childhood trauma. The results have consistently shown that childhood trauma can have a…

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect 2 million Australians each year, which makes anxiety the most common mental illness in the Australia and many people aren’t aware the hypnotherapy for anxiety can help! What is anxiety and how do we experience it? For many people, anxiety is an huge part of their lives. Most people experience anxiety while…

Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

Approximately one in five Australians will develop some form of alcohol addiction during their lifetime. What started as a way to deal with stress or a tool to help you wind down after a busy day can quickly become an out of control habit if it’s not kept in check. So hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction may…

The danger of all or nothing thinking

All or nothing thinking is one of the many cognitive distortions through which we see the world. Nothing is ever truly black or white or absolute, but your mind may try to convince you that it is. There are many different reasons for this but usually it’s a self-protective mechanism often to protect from experiencing failure.…


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