Should I see a counsellor or a therapist?

Many people wonder at what point they need to stop trying to heal by themselves and invest in a professional therapist or counsellor to help them. If you find yourself asking, “Should I see a counsellor or a therapist?” then that’s probably a good sign that it may help!

From my experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, when people feel they need help to work through things, they really just need to reconnect with themselves. Any good therapist will be able to help you do just that!

Should I see a counsellor or a therapist?
If you're asking this question, it's a good idea to chat with someone.
Should I see a counsellor or a therapist? If you’re asking this question, it’s a good idea to chat with someone.
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Should I see a counsellor or a therapist? Which one is better?

In Australia, a counsellor is someone you can contact to just talk things over. Technically speaking, a counsellor cannot give advice, but can help you to find the answers within yourself by the use open ended questions. A therapist will also work in a similar manner but they may have some specific training in other areas. For example a clinical hypnotherapist will be trained in counselling but specialize in hypnosis. They may do the counselling in an altered state so the rational mind doesn’t get in the way! A psychologist on the other hand, can give advice as they have done training on the brain and how it works. There are also other therapies such as NLP, life coaching, and spiritual counselling to consider if that aligns with you. None of these therapies are better than the other. It actually depends on what you need and your connection to the therapist.

How do I know who is the right counsellor or therapist for me?

As mentioned before, success of treatment does not just depend on the type of therapy you choose, It primarily depends on your connection to your therapist. You need to be able to trust them and have faith that you can both work together to get the desired result. At the end of the day, therapists are people too! And just like people you click with out in the real world, you should click with your therapist. An intuitive knowing that they are right for you, or a conversation that just flows are good signs!

You can check your therapists training and credentials through their specific associations. Hypnotherapists should be registered through the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

Of course you can ask friends and family if they recommend a therapist or counsellor, but I really advise on trusting your own gut feeling about this one. Just because one person has a good experience with a therapist, does not mean that they’ll be right for you. Different life experiences, different belief systems, and ways of treatment may not be right for you. Therapy is about getting back in touch with who you are! And only you know who’s right for you!

When you are ready to talk through your stuff, seeing a professional can be very rewarding and can be the turning point from dealing with the negativity of the past to stepping into a brighter and happier future!


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