Weight loss and stop smoking hypnosis.

I’ve lost track of the amount of clients that come to see me for hypnotherapy to quit smoking and are mostly concerned about putting on weight. It’s this fear of weight gain that can make quitting cigarettes harder than it needs to be. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. Hypnosis can help you to stop smoking and target weight loss by working directly with the subconscious mind!

You don't need to put on weight when you quit smoking. You just need to learn how to work through stress.
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Why do people put on weight after they stop smoking?

There can be a few reasons but the number one reason I’ve found in my practice, is that people haven’t got to the core reason behind the addictive behavior. They have replaced cigarettes with food and not successfully managed their stress response to triggers in their environment.

Stress plays a huge role in our lives and usually we haven’t been taught how to adequately cope with it. We need to create new habits that help us work through stress on a daily basis but also have techniques to use when bigger stresses arise.

So what can we do?

Lately I’ve been using a 6 session hypnotherapy package for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss and the results have been amazing. We get to the core reasons behind reaching for a cigarette or overeating when you’re not hungry. Things like boredom and cravings can be tackled pretty easily in hypnosis with great results!

We focus on creating the person you wish to be. Most people know what they don’t want, but struggle to define what they do want.
I help you get clear about the achievable goals and visions you have for yourself. We then create a plan of action to achieve it.

How do we do this?

For weight loss and stop smoking hypnosis, I use a mix of counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help you “create the new you!” We use the conscious mind to help get clear about what we want, and then use the subconscious (in hypnosis) to reprogram those old patterns.

So why does this work?

6 sessions over 6 weeks, means you’re committed. If little stresses arise in that time, we can discuss them and work through them and help to weed out any old programs that may still be driving that desire for a quick fix.

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The quit smoking and weight management package is just $600. (Save $200)
Considering how much you’ll save from not buying cigarettes or eating bad food, that’s a bargain!
When you invest in yourself, everyone benefits! You’ll feel better about yourself, and your loved ones will notice the difference.

Afterpay for hypnosis
Afterpay and Qoin for Hypnosis
A little more about me!

I’m a qualified clinical hypnotherapist (Certificate Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Diploma Hypno-Counselling ICHP) and I also study Buddhist psychology. I enjoy learning more about how the mind works.
I’ve helped many, many people quit smoking and lose weight with hypnotherapy and have developed a range of tools to help people no matter what their unique issue is.

I’m a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association meaning that I am regularly supervised and highly trained. You may be eligible for rebates under certain health funds too.

So what are you waiting for?
Are you ready to transform your life and break free from cigarettes and overeating?
Are you ready to become a new, healthy, happy person?
Thumbs up for Stop smoking and weight loss hypnosis!
Ready to say YES to being a more healthy person?
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Clinic is located at Qi Acupuncture Clinic, 5/23 Musgrave Ave Chirn Park (Labrador)
Online sessions available too.

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Hi! I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. I study and practice Buddhism and am always learning more about the mind. I live in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterlands and love to relax and chill out in nature. Namaste xx

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