Afterpay for hypnotherapy and massage services

Super exciting news! Afterpay is now available for your hypnotherapy and massage services on the Gold Coast!

I’ve had a number of clients who simply weren’t able to see me for hypnotherapy over the past few weeks due to financial restrictions, so I decided to look into afterpay.

More freedom

Afterpay allows clients to pay off their bills over a few payments which means that instead of having to pay for your consultation in full up front, you’ll have the freedom to pay it off leaving more money in your pocket each week.

Get it now!

When you need to see a therapist urgently, it often can’t wait. Afterpay will allow you to be able to see me when you need too……not when you can afford to.

Yes, afterpay for massage too!

Yes, you’ll be able to use Afterpay for my massage services too! Balinese, Lomi Lomi Massage or trigger point massages to release tension in your upper back and shoulders. Massage is also amazing for helping migraine and headache sufferers. Get your massage when you need it and pay it off in installments.

Afterpay for hypnotherapy and Massage services on the Gold Coast
Afterpay for Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking.
Afterpay for Hypnotherapy and Massage
Qoin Payments

I also take part Qoin payments for those that use Qoin. You’ll have to contact me direct to chat more about that.

So whether you need Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, or if you need to get that stress and anxiety under control with either hypnotherapy or massage or a bit of both! You’ll be able to access these services no matter what.


I’m located at Qi Clinic, 5/23 Musgrave Ave Chirn Park (Labdrador, Southport) on the Gold Coast. Bookings by appointment 7 days.

I hope you all benefit and utilize the benefits of Afterpay to get the services that you need in an easy, affordable way.

Janine xx

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Hi! I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. I study and practice Buddhism and am always learning more about the mind. I live in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterlands and love to relax and chill out in nature. Namaste xx

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