Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Ready to lose weight?

Tried Everything for weight loss? Pills, diets, shakes, and still found that nothing has helped?

Then it’s time for hypnotherapy!

“Early studies from the 90s found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the cognitive therapy.”

Irvin Kirsch, Associate Director of the Program in Placebo Studies and Lecturer in Medicine at Harvard Medical School

In sessions, we can use a few tricks and strategies to find out where your blocks are around weight loss. In hypnosis we can work with habit control, getting clear about what you want to be eating and when, setting well defined, achievable goals, analysing what’s blocking you, and understanding how the past is influencing your present situation through cognitive behavioural therapy.

It’s important to keep in mind that results do vary for each individual. If the weight is keeping the client safe and protected from past trauma, then that weight is not going to come off easily without some decent therapy work, which is where hypnotherapy can be of even more benefit to that particular client.
Some clients can improve a lot just by understanding the unconscious secondary gains of keeping the weight (protection, don’t have to socialize etc) which then fast tracks them on their road to weight loss success!
Hypnotherapy helps on all levels. Both consciously and subconsciously. It helps you to understand more about yourself, your habits and your hidden beliefs that you hold about yourself.

The trance state is a very relaxing, peaceful state of being where you are still aware of everything that is being said and are still completely in control, yet are so blissfully relaxed, the positive suggestions given by the therapist are accepted far more easily by the subconscious mind.

Weight Loss Package

The new and improved weight loss package now includes 4 sessions in clinic on the Gold Coast or via zoom and also includes hypnosis recordings specific for you, and ongoing email or phone support in between sessions.

Initial Consultation

15 to 20 minutes

The initial consultation can be over the phone or via Zoom and is to discuss where you are at and where you’d like to be. If you don’t want an initial and are happy to dive straight into the weight loss hypnosis package, that’s fine too!

First Session

approx. 90 minutes

Includes a deeper look at your habits, your past and where you want to be. The 2nd part of the session is done in trance with suggestions suited to your needs as discussed in the first part of the session. You’ll also receive a recording to listen to at the end of the session to continue rewiring those neural pathways.

Second Session

approx. 60 to 70 minutes

Here we assess how you’ve gone. Hopefully, you’ve been listening to the recording as often as possible to get the most benefit! If there are areas you are still struggling with, we work on those in a trance state and if a different recording is needed then that will also be sent to you shortly after the session.

Third and Forth Sessions


Final sessions solidify new habits, weed out any old habits and get that clear image of the future strong in your subconscious.

“With a hypnotherapy weight loss package not only do you get the tools to help you achieve your weight loss goals, you also learn self hypnosis skills that will last you a lifetime!”

confident fit healthy! Hypnosis for weight loss on the Gold Coast
Hypnosis for weight loss helps to keep you focused and motivated towards your goals!
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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“It’s different from other methods because hypnosis addresses the cause and other contributing factors directly at the subconscious level in the person’s mind, where their memories, habits, fears, food associations, negative self-talk, and self-esteem germinate.

No other weight loss method addresses the core issues at the root like hypnosis does.”

Capri cruz, Mental health therapist, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and author.

As an Australian Hypnotherapists Association member, you can be assured that all dealings with me are strictly confidential. I also undertake ongoing training and supervision to ensure that you are getting the highest quality service.

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