Hypnotherapy for eating disorders

I recently just finished some further education specifically for helping people with eating disorders using hypnotherapy.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can have some wonderful results for people struggling with eating disorders. This includes anorexia, bulimia, people too obsessed with health, and binge eaters.

The not so good news is that in most cases, it’s not a quick, easy fix. It’s not just changing a habit like smoking. We can’t just put an aversion, a stop, and redirect in place and avoid cigarettes.

We all still need to eat.

Therefore treatment is worked around changing the relationship with food. We work at identifying the underlying beliefs and drivers that are linked with the disorder.

With eating disorders, there can be many factors involved which need to be addressed and healed as they arise. Of course, everyone is different and the results will vary. However, with eating disorders, therapy needs to be taken on a session to session basis.

Usually, 10 or more sessions will be needed. The GP and psychiatrist will need to be consulted, especially in the case of anorexia. This is because of the high risk of self-harm.

I have worked with a number of clients with eating disorders in my role as a clinical hypnotherapist. Client’s have had really good success over a period of time.

The client is always in control of their therapy. We slowly work on building confidence, changing some core beliefs about the self and the world around them. We help to create clear, specific goals and learn how to deal with strong emotions.

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