Hypnotherapy for dental phobia (Dentophobia)

I’m fairly certain that everyone fears going to the dentist, but thankfully hypnotherapy for dental phobia (Dentophobia) will help make visits to the dentist feel much calmer! 

Navigating dental phobia is something that I’m going through at the moment. Unfortunately, I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done over the next two years, so I needed to get over my fear of the dentist! Thankfully, I know hypnotherapy, so I have managed to use self-hypnosis and meditation to change how I think and (most importantly) feel about visiting the dentist. 

Fear of the dentist? Hypnotherapy can help!
Hypnotherapy for dental phobia (Dentophobia)
Fear of the dentist? Hypnotherapy can help!

Is there a phobia of dentists?

Yes! Dentophobia is a common phobia, but fortunately, being fearful of going to the dentist can be treated. If left untreated, your fear of going to the dentist may lead to a range of physical problems.

What is Dentophobia?

When we break it up, fear of the dentist involves many different elements, including fear pain and sensitivity, needles, the sounds and smells, numbing or gagging or feeling unable to breathe and sometimes difficulty with the dentist.

How to overcome fear of the dentist?

The first thing is to understand what elements of the dentist you’re actually fearful of. Is it the pain? Is it the annoying dentist? Is it the environment? 

Then we can work though each of these elements one by one. We can use hypnotic language to change how you perceive these things and then change how you feel by using the hypnotic state.

Have you had bad experiences in the past that you need to process?

Sometimes you may have had one bad experience and now write off all dentists as bad. The truth is that dentists will actually make us feel better. You may experience a little bit of pain or sensitivity in the short term, but you won’t have to worry about your teeth in the long run. 

Going to the dentist can be a positive experience when you focus on the benefits.
Going to the dentist can be a positive experience when you focus on the benefits.
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Can you imagine seeing the dentist as a positive experience?

What would it look like if you could go to the dentist and feel grateful that now you don’t have to worry about your teeth? Imagine if you were more focused on the beautiful smile that you’re achieving. How would that feel? How would that change your life?

How can hypnotherapy for dental phobia (Dentophobia) help?

A qualified and experienced hypnotherapist will be able to tackle all areas of dentophobia, including your pain perception and healing trauma connected to dental visits in the past. 

Hypnotherapy can teach you self-hypnosis, which you can use before and during dentist appointments to keep you calm and relaxed no matter what’s happening!

What results can I expect from using hypnosis to heal dentophobia?

Well, from my own experience, I’ve managed to have two teeth pulled out without completely freaking out! If I felt some anxiety at times, I was able to calm things down pretty quickly. I also had to heal some past trauma from difficult dental treatments in the past using EMDR, which helped tremendously! 

Everyone is different, but generally speaking, keeping the fear of going to the dentist is not helping anyone. We all want healthy teeth that look nice when we smile, and going to the dentist will help you achieve that. So isn’t it time to let go of your fear of dentists?

Are you ready to visit the dentist without fear?
Are you ready to visit the dentist without fear?
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Are you ready to visit the dentist without fear? 

Well, now you can!

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