Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Sometimes in a hypnosis session, people who are spiritually in tune, have vivid dreams or are regular meditators may regress to past lives, also known as past life regression. This is quite rare, as most of the “stuff” we need to work through is linked to childhood coping strategies in this life, but regressing back to past lives does happen.

Past life regression hypnosis Gold Coast
Past life regression hypnosis Gold Coast

Why choose to have a past life hypnosis session?

There are also some people that just know that they need a past life healing and believe they can’t move forward until this “thing” from their past life has healed. Past life regression is a valuable tool to help people move forward.

How do people feel after a past life regression?

I have many people regressing back to their experience in the womb to heal the feeling of being trapped and the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds (often anxiety passed from mother to child). Many report feeling much calmer after this experience. Many feel a sense of relief, knowing that the anxiety was not theirs, so they no longer identify with the anxiety.

About me

I have been in the healing industry since 2008 and have been blessed to have received many Buddhist teachings and empowerments from high Vajra masters and their incredible students, so have a strong intellectual understanding in this field, but also through my own experiences. Learn more about me here.

Heal the past with past life regression hypnosis
Heal the past with past life regression hypnosis
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Can I do hypnotherapy online?

Yes! All hypnosis sessions can be carried out online.

Need more info?

If you’d like to find out more about past life therapy, what to expect and how many sessions you’ll need, book a free info session here-

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