What is social anxiety?

People with social anxiety have trouble talking to people, meeting new people, and attending social gatherings. They fear being judged or ridiculed by others and usually avoid social situations altogether, which is not beneficial, especially when they are in business or in a job that requires a lot of socializing.

People who experience social anxiety may understand that their fears are irrational or unreasonable, but usually feel powerless to overcome them. Sometimes, the anxiety experienced in social scenarios is due to a history of bullying, invalidation, or judgement when younger. Our subconscious mind creates feelings of anxiety as a safety behaviour. This is to avoid having to experience these painful situations from childhood again. Its role is to keep you safe no matter what, and if that means avoiding social settings, that’s what it will do!

The good news is that there is help for social anxiety. Natural help with ALL positive benefits including a boost in confidence and self-esteem!

Talk therapy tools including psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy are all proven methods to help beat social anxiety.

Imagine being able to attend social gatherings, networking, or meetups and feeling welcomed, safe, and calm. Imagine not feeling worried about being judged or ridiculed. Imagine feeling comfortable in your own skin. The solution for social anxiety is a lot easier than you think.


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