Build your self worth hypnosis

Low self worth is something that many of us have to live with but this self worth hypnosis recording will help you to shift it.

Build your self worth with hypnotherapy
Increase your self worth
What is low self worth?

When we are living in a mind with low self worth, it seems like a deep, dark pit that we can’t get out of and with no help in sight. The negative thoughts can be endless and even trying to think positively seems hopeless. This mind feels like it simply does not have what it takes to be happy.

Low self worth can feel like living in a pit of despair that you can't get out of.
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How can you fix low self worth?

Fortunately, there is a way out of this dark pit of low self worth.

Step one is to recognise that this negative way of thinking is not helping. It’s not going to get you out of that dark pit. It serves no purpose.

Step two is to start focusing on and creating a world where you know that you are worthy. Where you are loved and needed. This self worth hypnosis recording will help you to create this new world in your mind where you are wanted, needed, loved and where you feel worthy! Once you believe it, then you will feel it, then you will start to see it!

Step three. Set small, achievable goals everyday and make sure you reward yourself when you achieve them. This helps to get you in the habit of setting and achieving goals which will naturally increase your self worth over time.


Free yourself from negative thinking with hypnosis
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How can you build self worth?

Listening to positive affirmations and empowering narratives, like the self worth hypnosis is a good start. Find one or two things that you like about yourself and start telling the positive story more than the negative story! Notice how you feel when you tell yourself negative things Vs positive things. It really does feel different.

What if I still can’t build my self worth after trying for a long time?

Sometimes you still need to get to the core of what’s causing low self worth. Things like changing beliefs and value systems need to be done with a qualified therapist. I offer online sessions so as long as you have decent internet, I can help you with hypnosis, EMDR and counselling.

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