New habits to improve your wellbeing

With a new year starting, maybe you can invite some new habits into your life to make this year not only a good one, but a healthy one too!

1/ Drink more water

Our body is approx. 70% water. When you keep hydrated you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary issues including headaches and constipation. When you keep your water intake up, it can help to flush out toxins, it can positively effect your brain function and energy levels. If your goal is to get your weight under control this year, then drinking water is one of the main new habits that you need to try! As a hypnotherapist, I use this tool for most of my weight loss clients and the results speak for themselves!

Drinking more water is good habit to get into. Drinking more water is one of the many new habits that will help to make this year a good one!
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2/ Deep breathing

When we breathe deeply it helps to keep us calm, it improves our posture, improves bloodflow, increases energy levels and eases anxiety.

In our busy lives it is so easy to forget to breathe or to engage in shallow breathing for most of the day. When we make it a habit to check in regularly to see how we are breathing, we can make adjustments. You can take that deep abdominal breath, which sends a signal to the subconscious that everything is good and you’ll start to feel better.

3/ Create a bedtime routine

Getting a good nights rest is super important for our health. If you have a poor sleep routine, this year might be the perfect time to get into the habit of creating a good sleep routine.

Going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday (regardless of it you’re working or not), will help program your inner body clock.
Having 1hr “quiet” time before bed to start calming down.
Creating a peaceful space to rest.
These are all little thing you can do to make sure you get a peaceful nights rest and start feeling the benefits of what a good night’s sleep can do for you!

A healthy breakfast is a healthy new habit to invite into your life!
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4/ Eat a healthy breakfast

What you put in your body first thing in the morning has an impact on the rest of your day.

Make it a new habit that your breakfast is healthy in whatever way works for you (muesli, yoghurt fruit, smashed avo or maybe eggs on sourdough) and watch the positivity unfold for the remainder of the day.

5/ Make time for self reflection

Know thyself! This can be formal meditation, taking time out to sit down and meditate or it can be a walk in nature or perhaps some journaling or even working with a life coach or therapist. When you really know who you are, your values, your beliefs and what’s really important for you, then you’re in control! You can create your future how you want it to be!

If you need some help creating new habits this year, then please reach out!

Namaste, Janine

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