Is anxiety caused by mentally unwell or toxic parents or caregivers?

I was going through my past 6 months of clients and noticed a clear pattern which caused me to ask if anxiety is caused by toxic parents?

Most of my clients coming in for stress and anxiety issues had a difficult upbringing either with a toxic or mentally unwell caregiver or parents.

Almost 90% of them!!

These clients had persistent feelings of not being good enough, feelings of guilt, shame, not being worthy or deserving of love and happiness. They experienced severe anxiety, like they were constantly waiting for someone to tell them off or it felt like they were always about to get in trouble.

I work with clients from the ages of 15-70 and the negative impact of being exposed to those toxic caregivers truly does last a lifetime if it’s not healed.

So how can you heal anxiety caused by toxic parents?
Anxiety caused by toxic parents and caregivers can last a lifetime if it’s not healed.
So how can you heal anxiety caused by toxic parents?

The good news is that you can overcome the negative anxious feelings left by these caregivers.
You can create a happy, internal world where you feel loved, you feel worthy, you know that you deserve the best and you not only feel good enough, but YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I personally use a mix of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, and counselling to target a few areas for my clients. The anxiety caused by toxic parents travels deep so it needs so deep therapy work.

Rebuilding self worth and self love

When you’ve been told your whole life that you’re not good enough or not lovable by those toxic parents, that gets wired into your system and it needs to be pulled out like a weed! New more positive beliefs need to be planted like “I am enough just as I am!” and “I am lovable!” Often we find it hard to just simply accept these new beliefs which is why I believe it’s important to work with a trained therapist who can help you.

If you’re ready to heal the past, overcome those toxic feelings and life a healthier, happier life starting in 2021, then please reach out.

Namaste, Janine

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