How to get the weight loss results you want using hypnotherapy.

Lately, I’ve had an influx of weight loss clients coming in to see me due to all other methods failing them. Issues around weight can have a number of different reasons behind them. Not having emotional needs met when younger can lead to emotional eating, or using food as a protective mechanism to keep potential partners away so as not to get hurt again or using food as an escape from feeling anxious or stressed. There are a number of different reasons behind weight issues that must be all bought to the conscious mind in order to be healed so that when the client is triggered, they don’t fall back into the same overeating patterns or safety behaviours that led to the weight issues in the first place.

To ensure success in your weight loss endeavors there are a few things that need to be done in order to sustain lasting change.

We need to identify and change old behaviour patterns, heal core issues formed in the past and create new behaviours. Easy! Oh, and we also need to make sure that our reasons for wanting to lose the weight are greater than our desire to stay unhealthy, keeping in mind any secondary gains or safety behaviours that may be at play… easy!

When you are trying to tackle weight loss alone understanding all the potential emotional reasoning behind it, it’s a difficult journey to do by yourself. You need attention to detail to be able to identify and pull away at all those pathways attached to the core issue. You need to be able to look at everything with a fine-toothed comb, remove what is no longer serving you and recreate yourself from the ground up with an entirely new belief and value set, usually, one that ensures that you know that you are worthy of love and being love.
The percentage of weight loss clients I have that have had beliefs of not being loved or feeling worthy of love is huge. If we truly loved and valued ourselves, we would look after our health and want the best for ourselves. Even just making changes around this belief can have positive effects on your weight loss journey.

I am a thorough hypnotherapist when it comes to weight issues and indeed all stress and anxiety issues. My goal is always for my client to walk away happy, healed and in a much better space than when they came in to see me. Because I am so thorough, we do unravel a number of patterns that enables my clients to free up space to start creating new positive behaviours. These behaviours can be practised in the safety of hypnosis and because the brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is imagined, these new positive habits can begin to be programmed from your first hypnotherapy session.

This is what makes hypnotherapy so powerful, we can start programming your mind for success from the very first session. Visualizing and experiencing your new life at your ideal weight. Feeling what it’s like to be this new, positive person that loves and approves of themselves. It’s a powerful experience and hence why there is so much success with hypnotherapy and weight loss.

In my opinion, the key to being successful in weight loss is having great support and a clear vision of the future that you want.

If you would like a helping hand on your weight loss journey

Wishing you lots of love and success!


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