Why you’re experiencing resistance when moving towards your goals.

Do you ever have a goal in mind only to find that when you start to bring this goal to life that you are constantly hit with resistance in all it’s forms? Feeling blocked, procrastinating and distraction are all forms of resistance and they make progress a lot harder than it needs to be!

I think we all know someone that has tried losing weight or tried to quit smoking.
They had all the motivation in the world to achieve their goals but something got in the way. Perhaps a super stressful event occurred. Or maybe a special event happened where they felt that they couldn’t say no to a cigarette or that extra piece of chocolate cake. These little temptations are a part of a larger resistance in our inner world. It’s not the outer world that is too blame. It’s actually our beliefs, thoughts and feelings around them that can be difference between success of a goal or succumbing to that piece of chocolate cake!
An example may be that if a person has a deep belief that “it’s rude to say no” and that when you are rude, “no one will like you”, and when no one likes you, then you can’t survive. So when that person says no to that cigarette, they are not just saying no to a cigarette. They are triggering a whole belief system that’s trying to keep them alive. They have to work through the belief system, the thoughts and feelings and reprogram the mind with new, positive and encouraging thought processes.

In order for us to achieve our goals in life, whatever it may be, we must make sure that we have as little resistance to that goal as possible. We must be aligned with that goal on all levels of our being.

If you want to be a fit, healthy person, you may need to heal the part of you that wants to binge late at night. If you want to be a non smoker, you must have an image of how a non smoker behaves and start acting accordingly.

If you do encounter resistance on the way to your goal, recognize that you have some inner work to do and ask yourself “Why am I resisting this?” “What am I afraid of?” “What do I need to feel safe moving forward?”
Once you do break free from these old safety patterns, you’ll know because life will move a little more easily. It should flow effortlessly. And if any resistance comes up, then that’s OK, it just means that there’s a little more work to do. Some of these beliefs run a lot deeper than surface level and often these actions are safety behaviors which can be tricky to overcome, but not impossible with the right help.

If you need help moving past any resistance in your own life, I’d be more than happy to help you uncover those hidden beliefs that are getting in the way of your success no matter where you are in the world.
Wishing you success and abundance!
Namaste, Janine xx

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  1. Thank you for your post! I can relate to feeling resistance. I never thought about asking myself “What do I need to feel safe moving forward?” I’ll start trying that!

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