Ready to Quit? How hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking.

When you’re ready to quit smoking, hypnotherapy is a beneficial tool that can assist you to stay motivated and on track as a non-smoker. The reason hypnotherapy works so well is that it can tap into your unconscious beliefs and habits that are keeping you trapped as a smoker. It allows us to speak directly with that unconscious part of the mind. Hypnosis allows access to that deeper part of the mind where true change can happen. This is why many people have found success using hypnotherapy when they want to quit.

Here are some common questions answered about hypnotherapy and stop smoking sessions just to clear a few things up. These are also the questions that the Quitline recommend asking so you can make a clear, well-informed decision.

What’s involved in a session?

The first part of the session is information gathering and working through your smoking profile, your triggers, your blocks and ensuring that you want to quit. The 2nd part of the session is the trancework where we work with the subconscious mind and flood it with positive suggestions and images. If further sessions are required, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) will be used.

How many sessions will I need?

Yes, most people do only need 1 session, however, everyone is unique with different life experiences and some people will benefit from a couple of sessions. Usually no more than 3 sessions for smoking.

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis has worked for many, many people and the evidence is out there! Hypnosis is essentially communication between your subconscious and conscious mind, so if you truly want to quit and are truly ready to become a non-smoker on both levels, then there should be no reason why you would continue smoking. If you are still craving cigarettes after the 1st session, then more work will be needed to discover the underlying drivers. You’ll also be given all the tools you need to help you quit successfully.

What’s expected of the client?

As well as participation in the hypnotherapy session, an MP3 will be given to you with a general quit smoking session which you can listen to in order to reinforce the suggestions. We give you additional information to help keep you motivated to stay smoke-free too!

What are your qualifications and training?

I have a certification in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy through ICHP, an internationally recognized training facility since 1979 specializing in traditional hypnosis, NLP and CBT. I personally also have training in meditation, yoga, and theta healing and also study Buddhism.

How much does a stop smoking hypnotherapy session cost?

I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation and then sessions are only $90 online or $120 in my clinic on the Gold Coast. If you only need 1 session, that’s a very affordable way to help kick the smoking habit! I also have a 2 session stop smoking package to provide additional support on your journey to becoming a non-smoker which my clients have found beneficial too.

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“Before you heal the body and its symptoms, you must first heal the mind.”


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