Hypnotherapy for needle phobia

Unfortunately, at the moment, lots of people are having to face their fears of needles. Thankfully, many of those people are finding relief by using hypnotherapy for needle phobia. It doesn’t matter if it’s fear of acupuncture needles or vaccine injections, hypnosis can help to resolve your unconscious fear of needles.

Fear of needles? You need to try hypnotherapy!
Fear of needles? You need to try hypnotherapy!
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How does hypnotherapy for needle phobia work?

We actually use a few different techniques for overcoming the fear of needles. NLP (neuro linguistic programming), EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprogramming) and standard hypnotherapy.

We begin by discussing your experiences with needles including how your felt, negative images and beliefs surrounding the experience. We discuss how you want to feel and behave around needles. It’s important to remember that you are always in control during a hypnotherapy session! You get to create the best version of yourself and “install” that version in your subconscious.

The actual hypnosis part involves a nice relaxed meditation with special headphones on to enhance the experience. In this deeply relaxed space, you are connected directly with your unconscious mind and here we can reprogram the way you think and feel about needles.

Sounds pretty cool hey!

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Break free from needle phobia with hypnosis, NLP and EMDR!
Be free from needle phobia with hypnosis, NLP and EMDR!
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Does hypnotherapy for needle phobia work for everyone?

Believe it or not, everyone can be hypnotized! We actually go in and out of hypnosis all the time. When you are driving and can’t remember the past minute or two or have arrived at a destination but can’t remember how you got there! That is hypnosis! That’s the subconscious mind taking over when the rational mind is off doing other things. It’s this mind that fears needles and this is the mind we need to work with to make real change.

There are many ways of accessing this mind to make changes regarding how your mind processes needles. Because I have a number of tools to work with, there is something for everyone. There are even techniques for strong, rational minds and often these minds do really well in hypnosis. Often it’s about finding the right tool for the job. The right technique for the unique individual.

How many sessions do I need and how much does it cost?

Be prepared to do at least 2 sessions of hypnotherapy for needle phobia. However, if there is trauma connected to a needle experience, that needs to be processed with EMDR, and requires more sessions.

Current prices can be found here, however the price will be reduced after two sessions.

Discounted rates can be negotiated for low income earners and pensioners.

Where can I do hypnotherapy?

Sessions are done online via zoom or in the clinic in Chirn Park (Labrador/Southport) on the Gold Coast

Need more info? Please get in touch! mindfulhypnotherapyandwellness@gmail.com

Try hypnotherapy to inject some confidence in your life. Go from needle phobic to needle confident!
Try hypnotherapy to inject some confidence in your life.
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