How to break bad habits

How good would it be to be able to just circle a day in the calendar and decide to change those bad habits!?

Stop smoking and start being healthy. 🚭

Stop nail-biting when you’re stressed and calm yourself with a deep breath. 💅

Instead of reaching for junk food for emotional support you can go for a walk or do some exercise.💪

We know that we need to choose better habits so why is change so hard?

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It’s because we are creatures of habit.

We are a product of yesterday. We follow the path of least resistance. That’s the way we are wired. And unless we can practice some serious mindfulness and focus on our daily activities, we ultimately fall back into unconscious behaviors and old patterns naturally.

In order to change successfully, we need to break these patterns of habit from the source of the habit. These habits are learned behaviors that may have kept us safe in the past or offered us a way out of a difficult situation or even emotional comfort when we needed it. Often the subconscious mind is still heavily invested in maintaining the habit because it is meeting a deeper need.

People come to see me when they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. They realize they need to change at a deeper level. Often when a client understands why they do what they do, it makes change much easier.

Habits must be changed from a subconscious level in order to be successful.

Habits need to be changed through the repetition of new desired habits. In the state of hypnosis, it is much easier to create new neural pathways in the brain for new desired habits. We can block off the old pathways, and create new, more desirable pathways that the mind naturally flows with.

If you have a bad habit that needs to be changed from a subconscious level, then hypnotherapy may be the key that makes real change easier.

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Namaste, Janine

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  1. Great info! I remember speaking out loud to myself when I quit smoking cigarettes! I would shout “NO!! you aren’t getting tobacco so KNOCK IT OFF” and in a few minutes it would pass. Change that thinking y’all

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