Why hypnotherapy is often used as a last resort.

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Unfortunately, more often than not, by the time a client gets into the hypnotherapist’s office, they can seem a little discouraged. They begin by affirming that they have tried everything. And then continue to rattle off every therapy both mainstream and natural, from doctors and mental health professionals to naturopaths and kinesiologists they have been to and how they do not work. I can tell you that all of these professions have their place in a clients healing journey, however, they still cannot break through to that core issue.

How does hypnotherapy get to the core of an issue?

We still do a conscious exploration of the issue in hypnotherapy. That’s what the first part of the session is all about. However, it’s the trancework that makes hypnotherapy unique. It allows the therapist direct access to the client’s subconscious mind. It’s this level of the mind where the issue is. If you don’t target the issue from this place, you’ll never get complete healing.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

There are some doctors and psychologists who are aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy and are trained in hypnosis to use this with their clients when everything else just isn’t working. Even gut health professionals are being trained in hypnosis because of the undeniable evidence on the benefits of hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Misleading information

Other reasons that hypnotherapy is used as a last resort is the lack of knowledge in the mainstream world and if there is knowledge of hypnosis, people often think that they will be made to do things out of their control like in stage hypnosis which is simply not true. The client is always in control, and the client can never be made to do something that they do not want to. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The therapist just guides you into a trance. The client has to want to go into trance for it to work.

The client must be ready to heal

Sometimes we say we are ready to do something, but when it comes to the crunch, we get fearful and retreat to our old ways. That’s ok. We actually have to be ready to change, for it to be truly successful. You can’t half do it. You can’t sort of stop smoking, or sort of want to be a more positive person. You have to let go of the old you and create a new one.

Most of the time, when a client is in my office, the client and I both know that they are ready to do the work to change, which is why being a hypnotherapist is so rewarding. It may be a last resort for some people, but I believe that they’ve already done a lot of the hard yards and now we’re just bringing the subconscious mind on board to make healing a reality.


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Hi! I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. I study and practice Buddhism and am always learning more about the mind. I live in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterlands and love to relax and chill out in nature. Namaste xx

4 thoughts on “Why hypnotherapy is often used as a last resort.

  1. I love the idea of hypnotherapy. It’s something I want to use for a phobia I have. Although it’s hard to know who is good. I wouldn’t use it for most things because you have to be ready to be that vulnerable with someone else.
    Take care of yourself!
    Love, light, and glitter

    1. I agree Eliza and actually one of the main reasons I became a hypnotherapist is due to not being able to find someone that resonated with me for my own issues. Since being in the industry though, I have found that all the therapists I’ve worked with genuinely care about their clients, they have been through their own stuff and really take the time to research and learn about how they can help their clients in their own time. In Australia, we have to keep learning (life long learning!) and we have to have monthly supervision to make sure that we are assisting our clients in the best way possible. So it’s a highly ethical therapy. My advice to you, is to mainly trust your gut instinct about someone (that inner knowing that knows all!), and make sure they are qualified by checking that they are with a reputable association that ticks all the boxes. Once you find the right person, just give it a go, because there is nothing more freeing than overcoming your fears and phobias that stop you from living life fully. Love, light and happiness to you xx

      1. Aww thanks!
        I love the idea of hypnotherapy. I like it in the same way I like energy work.
        You can definitely tell when you resonate with someone.
        It’d be cool not to live with fear of something so stupid, one day 🙂
        I thought most therapists have to learn constantly and be in supervision.

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