Australian private health funds that cover Hypnotherapy

As a clinical hypnotherapist with membership with the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists, you may be eligible for discounts through your private health provider. I keep my fees low, but if you can get a discount, that’s even better! These health fund lists change regularly, so it’s best to check with your health fund provider and contact myself to see if you are eligible.

Australian Health Management (AHM) AHM only cover stop smoking and limits are set by the level of cover the client has and they must have “lifestyle packages”.

CBHS Health Fund

CUA Health Fund The client must have a doctor’s letter/referral advising that they are having hypnotherapy for stress management, weight loss or quit smoking. Benefit will cover up to $200 per family per year.

GU Health (Grand United Health)

Health Care Insurance Limited They cover Quit Smoking and Weight Loss programs only and they only provide a benefit of up to $150 per year. The client will have 2 options for weight management and stop smoking. They can go via a “health maintenance claim form” and must be signed by their GP to cover up to $200 and then they can also go via their “Natural Health Therapy cover for up to a further $300. Their Natural Health Cover section covers all other issues apart from the stop smoking and weight management. A claim via their Natural Health Therapist Cover does not require a GP signature.

Health Partners

Medibank Private Hypnotherapy rebates are only available to Medibank Private Members that were members prior to April 2011 and opted for package bonus. The package bonus allows their members to pick what they want to cover in their package bonus when they join. Bonuses accumulate at $50 per year total for the auxiliary package. Once they’ve spent it, they start all over again and will not get benefits again that year.

Navy Health Fund

Queensland Country Health Will only cover hypnotherapy for weight loss or quit smoking under their healthy living benefit on the Extras cover.

Phoenix Health Fund

rtHealth Fund (Formerly Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd)

Reserve Bank Health Society

Teachers Federation Health

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