Something to consider when choosing the right therapist for you

It doesn’t matter what modality you are turning to when getting help in a specific area of your life, but when it comes to picking a therapist, that is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It would be easy to say, check the therapist’s qualifications, training, insurance and registration which is a good idea anyway, but there is something more critical to be aware of.

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What I believe is crucial when choosing a therapist is the feeling. That inner knowing or gut feeling that makes you feel drawn to someone. It’s a resonance with this particular person that logically may not make the most sense, but your intuition is guiding you towards this therapist for a reason, often at times, with not a lot of physical evidence.

Some therapists may have amazing reviews and the highest qualifications, but if they don’t resonate with you, then they are not for you.

I can’t speak too much about other modalities, but I can talk about hypnotherapy and healing or psychic work. These modalities work with the subconscious mind and it’s the subconscious mind that knows the truth about a person. It will know if this person truly wants to help you, or if they are just interested in the money. It will know if this therapist has the right tools to help you get to where you want to be. It’s your subconscious mind that knows what you need.

Things that are out of our conscious awareness are things that the subconscious mind “knows.” If you truly intend to heal a particular issue, then it’s this part of the mind that starts drawing the right people to help and support you into your life. It’s your job to pay attention to the little nudges that hint to whom the right people are, and to trust in that guidance.

I remember when I was looking for a course to learn hypnotherapy. There are so many out there that it was really confusing. My conscious mind was trying to choose based on pricing and reviews, however, I kept getting drawn to a slightly more expensive option and it was the longer course.

I ended up choosing this one and as it turned out, most of the other courses weren’t internationally recognized and weren’t even approved training for many hypnotherapy associations in Australia. My training would not have been worth much at all had I not trusted my gut feelings! I’m sure you can think of many times in your own life when your gut feelings have saved you from making a bad decision!

Your subconscious mind always knows who and what is best. Your job is to trust it.


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