Indulge in a divine Lomi Lomi, Balinese or Intuitive Healing Massage on the Gold Coast.
Massages may include trigger points, lymphatic drainage, energy healing, such as reiki or pranic healing, meridian clearing work to remove blockages and, on request, needles to move the Qi in the body.

Balinese Intuitive Massage uses long flowing strokes and deep tissue work where needed.

Balinese Intuitive Massage

This is a relaxing yet energizing massage. Lots of long flowing strokes and some deep tissue work where needed.

I use organic sweet almond oil and hot towels throughout this massage.


60 minutes


90 minutes

Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage uses lots of flowing, rhythmic, continuous strokes resulting in a hypnotic, truly relaxing experience.

Lomi Lomi Massage

A beautiful and healing full-body experience, traditional Lomi Lomi uses lots of flowing, rhythmic, continuous strokes resulting in a hypnotic, truly relaxing experience.

I use organic coconut oil, but can use organic almond oil on request.

There is lots of hands-on energy healing throughout this treatment, so it’s good to set an intention for the massage. Perhaps releasing what no longer serves you, or removing any blockages or healing self worth issues. Lomi Lomi is great for removing those energy blockages stored in the body.

I was very blessed to be trained by Dawn Charlton who is the only authorized teacher who was trained by the keeper of this sacred lineage.


90 minutes


120 minutes

*Includes trigger points for an even deeper massage.

Intuitive Massage allows for a combination of both Balinese and Lomi Lomi for an all encompassing experience

Intuitive Massage

Not sure what you need? Then this is a great mix of both.

You can choose the length of time 60 or 90 minutes and the oils needed.

If you need more energy healing, deep tissue work on your back, or just a relaxing massage to get you back in your body and out of your head, then I can adjust the massage too meet your requirements.


60 minutes


90 minutes

or contact me for more information!

Afterpay for hypnosis
Afterpay and Qoin for Hypnosis and Massage


Spinal Health Australia Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1/9 Pinter Dve Southport QLD

and QI CLINIC Saturdays 5/23 Musgrave Ave Chirn Park QLD

Gift cards are now available! They make the perfect Christmas gift for someone who could use the relaxation.
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Silence is also conversation

Ramana maharshi

All services are strictly non-sexual

Massages are carried out in a safe, relaxing, & professional clinic space.

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