Hypnotherapy for quit smoking

Ready to Quit?

We’re here to help you beat cravings, create new goals and kick the smoking habit for good!

Discover the new you without cigarettes!

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“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

How I can help you quit smoking for good!

I use a few different methods to help you quit smoking for good! I work with you intuitively to choose the best tools which will help you quit smoking successfully by refocusing your energies on creating the best you possible!

General counselling is great for getting to the core of why you smoke and discussing what it is you truly want out of life.

We may work in a highly focused trance state where we bring the whole mind on board to help us find ways to successfully quit for good!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Powerful tool for identifying those old habitual patterns that we are stuck in. Once we are aware, then we have the power to change them and choose new ways of behaving.

Because I am a AHA member, if you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for rebates when you use hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking.

Check here to find out if you’re covered

You deserve more out of life

Everything you are, is because of a decision you once made. Make the decision to quit smoking, choose a better life, and nothing will stop you.

And don’t look back!

What makes me different

I was smoker too and started when I was 15 yrs old.
For me, smoking was an escape. A way to get out of stressful or annoying situations and take a breath.
When I decided to quit in my mid 30’s, I was ready and didn’t have any cravings or anxiety around quitting.
Since I’ve done it myself, I’ve helped many, many people stop smoking for good and helped my clients find new ways of living freely without cigarettes.

  • Intuitive
  • Ethical
  • Caring and supportive
  • Police Checked
  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association member

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“No cravings”

It’s been 6 weeks now and I haven’t experienced any cravings. My mind is very much focused on more positive things. Thank you so much!

Lisa M

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Made quitting cigarettes easier”

I found Janine made things really easy and I didn’t doubt for a second that I’d be able to quit after 1 session with her.

Tonia D

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I feel like a completely new person”

My anxiety levels have dropped dramatically and I feel like a completely new person somedays!



The quit smoking package includes

  • Up to 2 sessions (most people only need 1 session!) either in person at my clinic on the Gold Coast or via Skype, Zoom, Messenger.
  • Ongoing email support for up to 4 weeks
  • A quit smoking MP3 that you can listen to in order to keep you on track.
  • Additional materials and links to support groups and pages.

All the support you need to quit smoking for good and only $260

For some people smoking runs a lot deeper into learned safety behaviors developed in childhood, trauma and severe stress and anxiety. Although we may touch on these in the stop smoking package, these are areas that will need additional work and this will be discussed in your first session. All follow up sessions with me, (after the two stop smoking sessions) are $80 ea which will help to clear up some of those other triggers around smoking.

There’s more information in my blog posts

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